Kicking Breast Cancer's Butt

Breast cancer doesn’t just happen to you.  It happens to your whole family as soon as you tell them.

I found this out today, and I have been expecting it.  My husband, who has been my rock and my calming voice, came to his break-down moment.  It’s the waiting that is so hard right now.  Waiting to hear what the doctors say about what they’ve found, what we do next.  And the not knowing is getting to him, and to me.  We can’t plan for what we don’t know, and when I don’t know, my first thought in my less positive moments is the worst-case-scenario.  Every little ache and pain, every time I feel fall-down-tired, makes me wonder.

I started this post about 3 hours ago, and how much can change in such a short time.

I just got my results from the MRI.  They confirmed the tumor we knew about, and they found another something they want to biopsy in the other breast.  But the news I really latched onto was they found NO worrisome lymph nodes.  I’m trying not to get too excited, but this makes me feel a whole lot more positive about my marathon appointment tomorrow.