Kicking Breast Cancer's Butt

Quick update… recovery….

Tina is home.. we checked out of the hospital around 1pm Friday…

Our family room is now a dorm.. with Tina, Terrie and her niece all sleeping in the recliner / reclinder sofas.

the improvement over 24 hours is good.  But she is still exhausted.. etc.  But doing well.  Pain management and the drains are a process to be managed..

May be a day or two before we write again.. just adopting the new reality.. etc.

I know I need to work off some stress.  I drank three hard ciders this afternoon.. and barly got a buzz.  Normally one would do it because we don’t drink alot. So sort of like pain meds I think there was stress it countered first….


3 Responses to The Husband: Back at Home

  • I am so thankful to know surgery went well and it’s confined to one side!! Much love and please know that I have had you in my thoughts and prayers. I was in the hospital and unable to access posts so it was driving me crazy wanting to know how everything was going. Will look forward to more good news when you are able to post again. Ken, thank you for loving my girl!!! xoxo

  • Happy Easter to you all! Ken, I am grateful for the updates and am glad the surgery went smoothly. Please know that my thoughts are with you all every day and I’m looking forward to seeing you all in July. Rest well, Amazon Princess, and know you are loved. 🙂

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