Kicking Breast Cancer's Butt

Daily Archives: April 8, 2013

Here we are 11 days post surgery, and I feel as if I am only now coming out of the anesthesia.  I seriously thought the hard part would be just getting through the surgery but no.  Getting all of that anesthesia out of your lungs takes a long time, and it is so far the worst.  You feel miserable, you can’t think straight, you’re nauseated, in pain, can’t articulate what your pain level actually is, you’re just in this horrible fog.  Before the surgery I was most worried about what the right side of my chest was going to look like, but the reality is I just didn’t care enough about that to worry about it.  I just wanted to wake up and feel normal, but maybe with a little manageable pain.  That is SO not how it went.  Mostly I was queasy and whiny, dizzy and feeling like I was in a big, too bright room with 7 or 10 other miserable folks in my situation.

Today we have a sizable return to normality.  I don’t feel like I’m in a narcotic fog, only aware of feeling afraid of the next episode of breath-taking pain.  I’ve spent the previous week so afraid of this pain that I will not risk moving from a reclining position, and worrying that I’m doing recovery “wrong” as my shoulder is now so stiff that I can barely lift my arm high enough for Ken to change my dressing or empty my drains.

But today, after we came home from the Women’s Center at SCCA, where I had my second and last drain removed, I managed to keep so well ahead of my pain, that most of the day I’m down to one pain pill every 4-5 hours, and was much more alert and functional throughout the day.  I seem to have greater range of movement, and have forgotten my pain enough to use my right arm to push off from the chair twice, without immediate consequences.

However, I notice I am becoming a little more sleepy and dizzy, and will need to shorten this post.  I think this is because I took two pain pills instead of one.  I’m hoping I can down to one pain pill  before bed tomorrow, and maybe switch to ibuprofen the day after that. Who knows?  Perhaps in the not-too-distant future, I may actually be able to wash my hair myself.

Type at you later,

Quick Update…..

Tina has seen her surgeon and is healing well.  We have one more surgical drain to get out today.  Soon showers without plastic and tape will happen and Tina is looking forward to that.

It has been a harder recovery than expected… because Tina does not do well on pain meds and there has been some muscle spasms… So we have had pain, dizzyness.. nausea etc.

We have pills and a patch for all this.. but it is a balancing act…  We are improving.. it feels like this could be the week thinks start to get more normal.