Kicking Breast Cancer's Butt

Daily Archives: April 17, 2013

Tomorrow we begin again with more scans.  These are baseline tests in preparation for my first chemotherapy infusion.  Yuck.

Tomorrow I will receive two separate contrasts for two separate scans.  We are fitting them in like puzzle pieces.  First the bone scan contrast, then an hour later the contract for the CT scan.  An hour after that second contrast, we do the CT.  That takes 30 minutes, then the bone scan. *sigh*

Friday will be a blood draw and MUGA scan, to set the baseline for my heart function. Did I mention that one of the chemo drugs causes heart damage?  Oh, goody.

Next Monday I will have my port placement.  I won’t be unconscious, but I will be sedated, and I will need to prepare a little as if it were a surgery.  No food 6 hours before, instead of 12.  I wonder if the recovery will be the same.  I hope I won’t have nausea this time.  I’m out of anti-nausea patches.