Kicking Breast Cancer's Butt

Okay, so yesterday was my first chemo, and it was great.  Nothing really hurt (I did take anti anxiety before we left, then again four hours later just before they start the chemo drugs).

First they do a port draw, to make sure the port is functioning, then they take a little blood to get baseline blood counts.

Then I met with the medical oncologist – more on this later.  I’d been fighting with her about a painful endometrial biopsy she INSISTED I had to repeat.  Turns out I don’t, but as I say, more on that later, like in a separate post.  The clock is ticking on when I have to give myself an injection, and I want to get this up before I do.

After the meeting with the oncologist, very short, we met with her nurse, and we went through some patient education, such as the anti nausea meds you receive before they start the chemo (Yay!), and this injection.  She brought a clean, empty syringe, and had me stick it in my belly, just to show me (and her) I could do it.  I mange to get through injections by NOT watching them.  Oh, boy.  But I did it, and IT DIDN’T HURT.  We’ll see if that changes when I’m pushing down the plunger, and the medicine goes in.  I have to count to 20 as I slowly push it through.  Ugh.  But the needle didn’t hurt.  Turns out you have fewer nerves in your belly and your thighs.  Who knew.  I didn’t, and I was euphoric!  Talked about it for a good minute I think.

Anyway, the chemo infusion center is clinical, beds and everything.  I had to lay on a bed, but that turned out to be a good thing, as I was there for over 3  hours.  Between the anti anxiety and the anti nausea, I was chatty, silly, and flirty (this last according to Ken).  Then I got a little sleepy, and dozed off between cooking shows and Ken running to the patient nourishment area (have you heard about this??).  The patient nourishment center, they have two, are the BEST part of the whole floor.  The smaller one has juice, crackers, ice and water, peanut butter, two kinds of cheese, and shortbread cookies.  OMG.  THEN, the nurse showed us the larger patient nourishment center.  All the same stuff, including the soup, apple sauce and pudding I forgot to mention.  But they have the Akmak crackers ONLY in the larger center.  AND a freezer, with frozen macaroni, and ice cream.  What???


Uh, oh, timer went off.  It’s injection time.  More later.


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