Kicking Breast Cancer's Butt

Well, I’ve had a nice break from chemotherapy, and I’ve enjoyed it.

But now it’s time to get back in to the chemotherapy rodeo, this time with taxol.  I’ve got twelve weeks ahead of me, including all of the attendant steroids (to protect against allergic reaction), laxatives and stool softeners (in case of constipation), and nutritional support (mega B6 and glutamine, to protect against neuropathy – oh, boy!).

I’m hoping I won’t need the anti nausea, then again, maybe I’d rather be worried about that than the neuropathy…ick.


2 Responses to Back In The Saddle…Again

  • You are going to do fine!!! Weird to think all the times I typed “TAXOL” in documents and now here you are, and many others I know, getting Taxol. Love you and will be with you in spirit…big big hugs and so thankful you are in the right place for treatment!!! Thank God you are not here in KY HELL! xoxo

  • D -I have a sofa with two recliners. You could come here. 🙂

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