Kicking Breast Cancer's Butt

I’m working on a longer post about Tuesday, but for those of you following my blog daily, I’ll just give you a quick update.

We met with the team at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance on Tuesday, and long story short, I’m moving my surgery and all of my care to them.  That was always the plan, but it’s nice to have it be official, with a new surgery date scheduled, and a new treatment plan.

I have to say that SCCA was visibly impressed with how fast Virginia Mason moved to get my tests complete, and my results back.  I couldn’t have gotten on the schedule so quickly at SCCA without the diligence and get-it-done work ethic of the team at Virginia Mason.  They are champs in my book – I just like SCCA’s outcome, stats and approach a whole lot better.  Plus SCCA met together to talk about my case BEFORE they came in to talk to ME.  Way better method, in my opinion.

More later.

Love you guys!